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The Spiritual Revewal Of The Ignatian Or Jesuit Retreat

Wernesville2012-2The Ignatian or Jesuit spirituality is based upon the ideas of Ignatius Loyola. Ignatian spirituality is often referred to as Jesuit spirituality; they are both based upon Catholic traditional spirituality. The Ignatian exercises are designed to free one from their own personal opinions, so they can truly understand the will of God. The true follower of the Ignatian faith places God first above all others. Their decisions are based upon the glory of God, and are meant to honor God. One of the spiritual exercises states, “Lord grant that I may see you more clearly, love thee more dearly, and follow thee more nearly.”

From New York to California, the Ignatian or Jesuit retreats are found throughout the United States. Each retreat center is considered a center for spiritual renewal. The spiritual renewal center typically has a theme such as; a spiritual center for women and men in recovery. During the Ignatian retreat many hours are spent in individual and group prayer sessions. They believe prayer allows one to communicate directly with God and understand God’s will. The intense prayer and individual reflection often bring a sense of inner peace.

A Guide to Cenacle Prayer

cenacles guide 350Cenacle prayer is a prayer meeting where all the attendants gather near the statue of Virgin Mary. The statue is generally surrounded with flowers and candles. The priest starts the prayer with some welcoming words while holding the sign of the cross. Some holy songs are sung, and the scriptural rosary is led by different disciplines. “Hail, Holy Queen” is chanted together and a suitable song is sung in honor of our blessed mother.

The priest then reads the book, “Our lady speaks to her beloved priests” and gives a brief explanation of the readings followed by a reading from the scripture.  A shared prayer is recited together, and the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is chanted by all standing attendees of the prayer meeting. In some prayer meetings, Mass is said. In the end, the meeting commences with a shower of blessing and some positive closing words.

Looking into Ignation Retreat Center Services

If you are interested in learning more about your faith, or you would just like to explore your options with your local church, one of the best ways to reflect and grow as an individual is by visiting Duccio_di_Buoninsegna_014your local Ignation retreat center. These locations are designed to provide people with all of the care that they need in order to make better decisions in the future of their lives. They can be an invaluable aspect of the growing process, especially if you are interested in learning more about your faith and discovering your opportunities. Be sure to invest in a local