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Edge Pro Sharpening Stones

Many professional kitchens use electric sharpeners because of their ease of use in comparison to manual sharpening stones. However, electric-powered sharpeners are pricey compared to sharpening stones. Additionally, if it is not handled carefully, an electric sharpener can damage the knife. Scratches could also form in the blade when it is pressed hard into the sharpening slots. Furthermore, some of them are big, bulky and occupy a lot of space.

In contrast, there is a recommended sharpening stone for every phase of the sharpening process, with finer stones providing sharper results. Since the process is slower, these stones preserve the life of the knife longer. Using these stones is easy to regrind blunt knives and maintain sharp ones. Edge Pro Stones range from extremely fine to very coarse and provides all you need to get optimal function from your knife.