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What Do Cell Tower Lease Rates Look Like Now?

Currently, hundreds of thousands of cell towers dot the landscape worldwide. These towers provide service to billions of people, and they’re a necessity in most areas of the world. Plenty of these towers are located on private property because landowners can lease out their land for them. In fact, an individual stands to turn a profit over time with a tower lease. Cell tower lease rates fluctuate over time, and landowners won’t make a fortune here.

Nonetheless, rates are worth it for landowners not using their land for another purpose. Lease rates can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars per year. Rural areas often feature lower rates than urban areas, though. Therefore, those with ample land in urban areas stand to make the most money. Nothing beats passive income, and cell towers may prove the perfect opportunity in that regard.

Phone And Internet Packages

Everybody wants to save money on their bills, and those two essentials of Internet and phone can be expensive. One way to save money is to take advantage of one of the many phone and Internet packages available, and it is almost always less expensive to ‘bundle’ these two things together. Some packages also allow you to include cable or satellite TV channels too.

The packages available to you will depend on what is offered in your area, and it’s worth shopping around and comparing providers and packages. In general, if you live in an urban area you will have much more choice than if you live in a rural location. Some things to consider when choosing a package are whether you get unlimited calling, the ability to make international calls, and the speed of your Internet; some packages have a data allowance which can be frustrating.

Phone and Internet Packages

PR - GEORGE S Phone and Internet Packages 350Selecting phone and internet packages that will suit your needs involves taking a look at local providers and seeing how they differ in the services that they can provide. Not all professionals have the same plans for their customers, and being informed is one of the most important parts of the shopping experience. Always begin by making a list of local companies that you can contact to see how they will be able to help you. Through a simple phone interview, it can be easy for you to determine whether or not the company will be able to suit your needs. Ask them about their packages and learn about how they price their plans. Be sure to keep your needs in mind, whether they are residential or commercial, and see who can come the closest to helping you with their package.