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Safe Haven Enterprise VISA

A Safe Haven Enterprise VISA is a temporary visa granted to those people who land in the country by traveling through sea or are residing in the country and have no VISA. The visa comes under the provision of This is Australian Government’s current policy that does not grant permanent protection to people who get entry to the land by the sea.

The difference between a Safe Haven Enterprise VISA and other visas is that the person who is eligible for this VISA must be committed to study and work in Australia during the duration of the VISA. Other necessary requirements are to meet the health and security clearance of the Australian immigration.

The duration of the VISA is 3 and a half years and for this period the applicant must work without relying on social assistance and get enrolled in a full-time education program. On expiry of the VISA, the case is sent for reevaluation where the VISA is either renewed or the person is considered for permanent residency.