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Welcome To Miami, Private Boat Rentals

Private Boats for Hire in Miami is a popular way to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy a fishing expedition, or go sightseeing in the Miami area in style.

Special occasions on a small private boat include wedding proposals, private anniversary gift, or a romantic date. Larger private boats or yachts rentals can include the bridal shower, bachelor party, the entire wedding on water as well as other family or business gatherings you would typically rent a hall out for instead you now can enjoy out at sea.

Fishing charters on private boats are very popular. The captain usually has state of the art fish finding equipment available including all the rods, tackle and bait for deep sea fishing success. Yacht fishing charters usually include snacks or a meal with beverages.

Sightseeing by boat is the only way to enjoy Miami. Sights that you can only see by boat can be enjoyed best with a guided tour.

Tour Miami On A Jet Ski

Sightseeing Jet Ski style is the newest trend for Jet Ski Rental Miami. You can enjoy a whole new world cruising through the intercostal waters of the Miami region. San Marco and Flagler Memorial Islands can be just a couple of the highlighted stops for your sightseeing tour. Jet Skis can stop and sightsee almost anywhere since you are not tethered to a large boat or vessel you enjoy a greater freedom for exploration.

Join a Jet Ski Tour and you can enjoy an hour of interesting and fun tour of the region. The tours usually include the safety equipment, a short lesson, and a sightseeing tour with audio. You also will enjoy lockers and showers dockside and many tours include a dinner at the end of the tour.
Miami jet ski tours do everything you want to do… get out on the water and enjoy life.

A Yacht Is A Luxurious Vessel

A yacht is the definition of luxury. Those who love luxuries usually search for luxurious Miami yacht rentals. There is nothing as good as having a luxurious yacht expedition. You will enjoy many things along the way. Of course, such an expedition will be great if you have some friends.

You do not have to be a yacht owner to enjoy the luxuries of a yacht. There is the rental option. There are companies that deal with renting yachts.

A yacht is not just any boat. It is a recreational ship having a number of luxuries. As at 2018, the owner of the biggest yacht is the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman, owns the second biggest yacht. Most people use yachts to luxuriously explore the world. Some people use them for scientific expeditions.