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When you talk about the suspensions of a vehicle, we refer to the whole set of mechanical parts that serve to cushion the stresses to which the road subjects the vehicle. In the very first cars the suspensions consisted simply of crossbows, then from the beginning of the 1930s, and that is when the front rigid axle was abandoned, the first independent wheel suspensions appeared.

Modern suspensions consist of a rather large number of individual parts, which can be referred to for convenience as four main groups: springs or similar elastic elements; shock absorbers; tires; hydropneumatic devices. Cheap Windscreen Replacement Perth are available to vehicle owners.

The vast majority of car manufacturers have chosen to equip their vehicles with McPherson suspensions. They are formed by a telescopic cylinder in which the shock absorber is integrated, the attachment of the wheel hub upright and the elastic element which can consist of a helical spring, integrated in the group, or of a pair of torsion bars arranged longitudinally.