Clean Ceramic Water Dispenser

Many offices have water coolers for employees who need to hydrate but do not trust tap water. While clean water is important for health, there are disadvantages to using replaceable water containers made from plastic. They cost more, and flexible plastic has substances that can leech into water and create a health concern. One solution is a ceramic water dispenser.

Ceramic parts are not as cheap as plastic water coolers, but ceramic does not leech hazardous chemicals. They can also last a long time. Glass and ceramic are inert and can last for over a million years. They do not chemically break down and are remarkably stable.

A reusable water tank can be filled with a filter attached to a faucet. This is much cheaper and more efficient than having to order spring water in heavy bottles. Not only is the water expensive, but shipping for cooler refill bottles is also expensive. Water moving through pipes costs very little and is easy to filter. More importantly, spring water is unfiltered and contain some bacteria and heavy metals.