Controlling Head Lice With Shampoos

Head lice often spread through head-to-head contact. Accordingly, the first measure is to avoid those contacts. However, this is difficult and impossible for children who have a lot of games that involve head-to-head contacts. In such cases, using a shampoo is recommended.

Generally, head lice are attracted to our smell. Therefore, if the smell is masked by another thing that has a repelling effect of these parasites, then they will go away. This is exactly what shampoos do. Some of the most common shampoos that can be used for head lice control are lavender oil, coconut oil, and tree oil. These essential oils have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. The oils can, therefore, kill both adult lice and their nymphs. Nonetheless, commercial shampoos should be avoided as most don’t have the prevention effect, and are associated with a wide range of side effects.

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