How To Hire Musicians In Melbourne The Smart And Affordable Way

Being a musician and part-time music promoter, I’ve come to understand a thing or two about how to hire musicians in Melbourne the smart and easy way.

Develop A Real Interest

I remember the first music festival I hosted as a promoter. It was a sellout show and all of the artistes scheduled to perform attended. Looking back at that now, I realise that it was because I developed a real interest in their music. Even though they didn’t receive their dues, they hardly complained because at the end of the day they actually saw me as a person who was actually doing THEM a favour. So always try to engage your musicians on a human level.

Provide Basic Luxuries

Against popular belief, musicians want to be pampered. Transport, food, beverages and VIP reservations go a long way in treating your artistes like celebrities. And they’ll love it because many artistes are actually struggling to get that sort of attention.