Krav Maga For Kids

Krav Maga can be considered a high-level self defense system. It is designed to teach children how to cope with certain situations that they might encounter with peers as well as with some adults. Therefore the self-defense techniques are realistic and effective not just against bullies, but it teaches children how to protect themselves and defend themselves against adult assailants as well. However, children are always taught when to use and when not to use these techniques. Solutions are provided to violent situations that are typical in each age group, and children can learn how to avoid or prevent these events. However in cases where the aggressor simply does not give up, and they initiate physical contact, Krav Maga for Kids teaches children how to protect themselves against kicks, punches slaps, shirt grabbing, choking as well as neck grabbing. Children learn important skills related to break-falling and rolling that will help them to escape unharmed.