Learning The Ropes Of Cell Site Lease Negotiations

In the world of commerce there’s a famous adage that says “Nothing is agreed until EVERYTHING is agreed.” Basic, but a world of wisdom when it comes to cell site lease negotiations.

Is It A Prime Location?

If no other property is ideal, then there’s a good chances that you’ll get a good contract. However, if it isn’t the only prime location then you’re going to have to take it down a notch when negotiating, as you may not get a better deal.

What Is The Company’s Market Presence Like?

Do some digging. Popular network providers will always be out to sniff out the competition by negotiating swiftly. On the other hand, startups will have less to offer owing to their poor market presence.

Are There Any Security Concerns To Worry About?

More often than not, the security infrastructure on your property is key to successful negotiations.The less secure your property is, the more difficult it’ll be to negotiate a lucrative contract.

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