Role Of A Wellness Expert

For health and wellness, health promotion involves the development of interventions to help people practice healthy behaviors. It also involves teaching people how best to achieve these healthy habits and helping those individuals who are at risk of poor health behaviors to learn behaviors that promote wellness.

On the collective side, for the community and national policy-makers, health promotion involves a general emphasis on good health, the availability of information to help people develop and maintain healthy lifestyles, and the availability of resources and facilities, such as gyms, swimming pools among others that can help people change poor health habits.

Moreover, the media can also contribute to health promotion by educating people about health risks posed by certain behaviors, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, promiscuity combined with non-compliance to condom use. Legislation and the participation of a wellness expert can contribute to health promotion by mandating certain activities that may reduce health risks, such as the use of child-restraining seats and seat belts.

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