Spigots For Glass Balustrades

Modern design adheres to the principles of minimalism. The lines are clean and the layouts are practical. The materials used are also a bit different. For example, balustrades are traditionally made from wood but now glass is utilized to create stunning barriers for stairs and balconies. Advances in manufacturing technology enables us to make panels that are quite strong and resilient. These will not crack or break that easily.

A seamless effect can be stunning as the glass will not block light or the line of sight. Spaces look much bigger than they would otherwise. This can be achieved by the use of high quality metal spigots to hold the glass panels in place. The base is bolted down to the floor while their protrusion has a slit that can clamp down on the glass with just the right amount of pressure. There are so many designs to choose from when shopping for spigots for glass balustrades.

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