Super Glue For Varicose Veins

There is a Super Glue for Varicose Veins treatment available that can effectively seal and treat varicose veins. It has been dubbed a being a type of super glue because of its similarity to the popular household glue. However, the formula has been specially and medically modified. It works by injecting the glue substance directly into the veins, which bonds tissues. It does not involve the use thermal or heat energy, which reduces the risk of injury to the skin or nerves. The treatment procedure is virtually painless, which is why only a local anesthetic is needed. The super-glue bonds and closes veins immediately. There is a healing process, but varicose veins disappear within at few minutes after the procedure is complete. Plus, there is no need for patients to wear bandages or compression stockings after treatment. Many patients claim to experience instant relief.