Toilet Training Your Cat and Ditching The Litter Box

cat-318794_640Most people have no idea that cats can use regular toilets. You probably think the idea of toilet training your cat seems crazy. However, it’s a complete possibility with the right plan and equipment. Various companies sell aids to help with this form of potty training, and you can always do it yourself instead. Most plans start with a pan that attaches to the toilet seat. Typically, this container is filled with a small amount of litter.

This process teaches a kitten or cat to handle urination and defecation above the toilet. After a few weeks, you can remove the toilet attachment. Chances are high that your feline pet will then start to use the toilet like human beings. It might look a little awkward or strange, but you can throw out the litter box! House guests might not like sharing a toilet with the household cat, though.