Who Needs H2S Awareness Training In Canada?

For individuals who intend to work in the oil and gas sector in Canada, completing the so-called H2S Awareness Training is a must. H2S is the accepted abbreviation for Hydrogen Sulphide, a type of gas that a worker or employee in the sector might get exposed to in the conduct of his or her work. The training is offered by various training agencies certified by the Canada Safety Council.

The exam-taker may take the training either online or through an actual class. If successful in passing the said training, the certification is good for three years. The cost of undertaking the prescribed course is between CAD$35 to CAD$44.

Thus, it would be wise to canvas for the price that you can afford at an online or a class outfit. The training is by no means the only one of its kind. Your employer might require an advanced level depending on the increased potential for the occurrence of as well as exposure to the gas in the prospective workplace.