Why Tests For Oxidative Stress Are So Important

Being able to measure oxidative stress levels -and monitoring them- is the key to solving many of the health complication associated with oxidative stress. As such, tests for oxidative stress play a pivotal role in the maintenance of a clean bill of health for children, adults and the elderly.

During the course of an average working day, the body produces energy, detoxifies the body of pollutants and cells defend the body from disease. In the process, what are known as free radicals are produced. As highly unstable molecules, it’s important to keep their quantities in check before they accelerate such things as the occurrence of disease and aging. One such way is to take plenty of antioxidant containing foods. However, another alternative is to get tested.

Using blood and urine samples, these test reveal important clinical information about:

1. Antioxidant reserves present in the body to fight oxidation
2. The extent of tissue damage brought on by free radicals.
3. The body’s current needs so as to restore balance.