May 25, 2017

Amora Gems: The Copycats That Diamond Built

Due to the unceasing and sometimes insane demand for diamonds, Amora gems came to life. These gems are science’s answer to the wrath of nature, which continues to imperil miners’ lives by making them search long and hard for the real thing. Lab wizardry to the rescue.

These days, a company specializing in the greatest imitation of all are giving self-sacrificing, hands-on mineralogists a big breather–even though sometimes, these heroes can feel that their jobs are on the line. But the big surprise is that the world demand for diamond grows stronger still and with no sign of abating. Apparently, having found the perfect substitute adds, even more, fuel to the love for all things shiny.

If so, then it could be safely said that the love for gold, diamonds, among other things that flicker–is non-cathartic. And with this realization, it is safe to assume that there will always be a demand for all things shiny and new.

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