Attributes Of A Great Customer Contact Centre

In a bid to cut costs and maximize efficiency, most companies have outsourced their customer care services to third parties. However, many firms still have an in-house customer contact centre. The staff at the centre must be:

i) Friendly

This is because customers may be calling in while stressed and talk badly, so the staff must be able to lend them an ear and try to sort out the issue. They should be mature and difficult to offend.

ii) Knowledgeable

Every staff-member at the centre needs to know about the products and services offered by the employer like they know the back of their hands. This knowledge is instrumental as the customer support team will be able to offer solutions and address concerns without transferring the call to a more-knowledgeable person.

iii) Professional

The staff at the contact centre need to be professional. They should seek to have the customer’s concerns addressed without digressing from the issue at hand. They should also be polite and understanding.

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