October 28, 2017

Backing Up Sharepoint: Preventing Information Loss

Microsoft Sharepoint is an application that is built into Microsoft Office. It is web-based and allows for document sharing on multiple online platforms. Because it is web-based, you can’t save documents as you would normally do, which is on your hard drive. As such, creating backups is essential to prevent the loss of important documents.

File restoration is a lot easier when you have created a backup on the Sharepoint server. But if you haven’t, then you need to repair the database manually. Fortunately for you, there’s an in-built feature that allows users to repair and restore the farm configuration.

All it takes is going to the homepage of the Central administrator, click on “Backup and Restore” and choose the ‘Backup to Restore” option. Follow the prompts as given.

Backing up Sharepoint is important as servers can crash unexpectedly, resulting in loss of sensitive and confidential information.

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