January 11, 2017

Be Unique With Turkish Cushions

Coming home to a pleasant environment where you can relax and be comfortable with Turkish Cushions is always inviting.

Having unique cushions such as these are great additions to any household. They add the flavor of being unique in its own nature because no two are alike.

These type cushions have unique designs and cultural patterns that are hard to replicate. The materials that are used in wrapping these cushions fall into three main categories.

Wool on wool where it is weaved and knotted making beautiful patterns.

Wool on cotton where a combination of wool and cotton knots is woven.

Silk on silk where the knots material is only made of silk.

These types of cushions will create a room that will be filled with colors and give off energy so that it will feel as comfortable as you want it to be.

They come in different sizes, colors and can reflect the type of mood that you want to create whenever you are there.

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