Consider Safe And Durable Pyrolux Homewares

Anyone who cooks frequently can appreciate having quality cookware available. Pyrolux Homewares offers cookware, suck as skillets, sauce pans, and baking dishes, made of durable materials, designed to last for decades. While many brands claim to be durable, many are made with unsafe or toxic materials. Pyrolux uses quality materials that are free of harmful materials.

The casserole dishes are made of cast iron, including the lids. The handles are stainless steel. They are coated with three layers of enamel, designed for use on all types of cooking stoves. The casserole sets come in red or blue.

The skillets, wok, and sauce pans are made with pyrostone, which is a non-stick, durable surface designed not to scratch. There are no PFOAs used in the non-stick materials, so they are safer than other non-stick brands. Pyrolux Homewares also include spatter screens, egg poacher, steamers, grilling trays, and stainless steel roasters.

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