June 7, 2017

Leveraging On The Versatility Of Pyrolux Pyrostone

Whether you purchase a Pyrolux Pyrostone frying pan or a six piece cooking set, the cookware will last you a lifetime. It is built with stone like characteristics that allow it to withstand everyday use at home or in professional kitchens. Manufacturers back it up with a lifetime guarantee too.

The cookware come with beautiful tempered glass lids, ergonomic grip handles, and are light in weight, making it easy to move them when cooking. Since it has three layers of non-stick coating, you need very little butter when cooking your favorite meal and it’s easy to clean afterward. You can use metal spoons to cook or serve from them as they are resistant to scratches and are safe to use in the oven too. What’s more, they are PFOA free, and can be used over any counter top. It’s bound to be a delight in anyone’s kitchen.

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