Low Cost Burial Insurance

Low cost burial insurance can help you cover the related funeral expenses when a loved one dies. Sometimes it’s not even for a family member, but for yourself. Why leave your family to battle with funeral expenses on your passing? So burial insurance is certainly a wise move.

What Does It Cover?

The average payout ranges between $6.000 and $20.000. This is sufficient to cover the costs of a casket, transportation and the memorial service. Headstone costs are normally separate, but you do get the occasional insurer who will oblige for a little extra.

Schedule An Appointment

There are just some things you don’t buy online, and burial insurance is one of them. Which is why you must look for an insurer who has a physical address and business premises you can visit.

With that said, it’s not the insurance that ultimately buries the deceased, it close family and friends. A huge part of a decent burial is that loved ones are there to share in the life of the now late.

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