Marble Coasters: Don’t Neglect The Small Design Choices

Coasters of all types protect surfaces from scratches and residue rings, but marble coasters can be an elegant addition as well. They can be chic and modern or classic and stylishly cozy. Even those with the most casual or fun designs can add a touch of class to any table or stand. With so many color, print, and pattern options, they are an easy and affordable way to show a touch of personality without any fuss or worry.

Perhaps the best feature of coasters made from marble is their durability. These heavy-duty protectors will last much longer than cork or cardboard and are less likely to break than tile. Even small embellishments like coasters influence the ambiance of a space, and just the weight from the marble alone every time it is slid into a new position can help the room feel well put together rather than cheap. Using marble is an inexpensive upgrade that adds a sense of style while still performing the function the coasters were designed for.

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