December 27, 2016

Online Lie Detector Test: Do They Really Work

Gone are the days when a polygraph/lie detector test meant having all sorts of wires and cables attached to your person. I’m all for online lie detector tests, don’t get me wrong. However, there are real reasons to be wary of them.

The Body Language Factor

In court a judge can tell if someone is saying the truth by observing his/her body language. Sweating, fidgeting and avoidance of eye contact are some of the observations one can make that are non-existent when an online lie detector test is used.

Software Simulations Of The Polygraph

Most of the phone or PC applications being used online have been reviewed and the criticisms are stinging. If anything these apps make it seem like they work, but they don’t. For instance, being asked to place your fingers on the touchscreen gives the impression that the app is somehow reading your pulse or whatever, when in actual fact it cannot.

Online lie detectors are a scam for the most part. Of course, you can try them for fun purposes and get a real kick out of it, but not when you are going to use the results to solicit proof in order to divorce your wife.

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