February 24, 2017

Piston Vibrators Cut Time And Save Money

There’s nowhere in our workplace to install a mounted piston vibrator, so we looked at the various types of industrial vibrators on the market and ordered a portable model. Piston vibrators vary in quality and price and this type of industrial tool comes in different sizes with varying frequencies. We trialled the new air hammer and found it ideal.

Thanks to the compressed air operated piston we no longer have to clean the bunkers manually. Labor costs are lower as the piston vibrator does the job in half the time. No one likes cleaning silo’s, bins and hoppers or sledgehammering hardened material from the inside of any container come to that. The constant hammering kept inside the chutes clean, but the metal bins were beaten to death. The business used to lose time and money due to lengthy cleaning sessions, but our new piston vibrator helps us to clean the containers in record time.

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