October 26, 2017

QLD Safety Certificate: Some Things Can’t Be Avoided

Companies, government departments and organisations that work with dangerous and hazardous materials are expected to have occupational health and safety protocols in place to protect employees. Not only do health and safety regulations prevent harm and injury, but they also ensure that employees work freely and productively. A QLD safety certificate is therefore a must!

In-house Training: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

One of the many ways to get certification is to have in-house training programs to train employees on possible risks, as well as to educate them on disaster prevention. Many a time injuries occur because employees haven’t been trained adequately.

Site Monitoring

Of course, certification bodies move around to check if regulations are being applied. Site inspections are the norm rather than the exception. Playing hide and seek serves no real purpose as, hate it or love it, the truth will catch up with you. Have your paperwork in order to avoid steep penalties and production suspensions.

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