June 30, 2017

Things To Consider When Designing Your Own IPhone 6 Case

The iPhone 6 is arguably the most popular smartphone ever. This adulation and love for the phone means a lot more accessories to protect and enhance the appearance and handling of the device. Of all the accessories for your iPhone, a case is probably the most important item. An iPhone case not just protects your device but it also gives it a unique look.

There is no dearth for iPhone cases in the market to make your phone stand out from the crowd. But if you want to make your iPhone truly unique, you need to go the custom iPhone 6 case route. If you’re making your own iPhone 6 case, take the following aspects into consideration when designing the case. We assume you are not going to print your own case and send your custom design to a printing company.

Color Transparency

If you’re considering transparent hues, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Do not print components that have both transparent and opaque elements. The contrast created as a result could look stark. In certain scenarios, the final design may appear as if there are blank spaces in the design and that the hues weren’t properly printed. This is particularly the case with lighter and white tones. Therefore, be a bit extra cautious with your choice of colors. If you’re not sure, order samples to find out how the graphics turn out.

Background and Sides

Your design need not take up the whole area of the case. If there’s anything transparent on your file, it would be clear and you will be able to see your device through the case. In case you want to have a graphic on the clear portions of the case, then have the text placement and Apple logo in mind. If the logo is visible, it may affect how your design would end up looking.

The graphics wouldn’t wrap the whole case, which means the sides would be see-through as well. This is wonderful since you can now have your unique design featured and also keep the phone’s design partially exposed.

Print File Guidelines

If you’re giving your design for print to a vendor, you invariably would have to follow certain design and print guidelines. A print file not matching the guidelines may not turn out as expected. There are several attributes to be considered. For instance, fill the entire print area out for complete bleed. Also, graphics cannot be printed on the case’s sides. For color transparency, you need to adjust the opacity.

Most custom iPhone 6 case design printers would use the same template for the iPhone 6s. Therefore, if you’re considering getting a design printed for an iPhone 6s as well, you need not send two separate files for the respective models.


As aforementioned, a custom iPhone 6 case design is an easy way to make your phone look different. For best results, make sure you use services of a reliable printing firm. Also stick to the printing firm’s design guidelines so that the design turns out just the way you wanted.

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