January 20, 2017

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument: Managing The Loopholes

The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument has been influencing hiring decisions for 43 years. This psychological instrument is a lot like Anger Management, only a lot more intuitive. In about an hour from the test taker’s submission of the answers, the test evaluator can determine just how fit an individual is for a job.

From a pure management perspective, the instrument helps identify individuals who have the potential to rise above the corporate ladder. It’s scary how psychological tests can size up a person with a short series of questions. Unfortunately, there are ways to outsmart a questionnaire, thereby invalidating the results.

This is why exam administrators always stress how important it is to answer questions as truthfully as possible. Still, the mere fact of having taken the test before is a learning experience that impacts the final answers. In this light, it would be wise for the tester to take the results of the questionnaire with a grain of salt. Even better, he or she must run other tests that can further qualify the quality of the results.

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