Understanding How Your Car Windscreen Is Repaired

If your car windscreen is damaged in any way, it is pertinent that you seek repairs as soon as possible. This is important in order to make your car safe again. Below, discover just what it takes to get rid of that damage to your car’s windscreen.


Once you call a Perth windscreen replacement specialist, they will first inspect the damage at hand in order to establish the best course of action. During this process, they will measure the size of the damage and the number of damaged spots there are on the screen.

Crack or chip repair

For chips or cracks on windscreens, repairs can be carried out if the damage is small (less than a few centimetres). The technician, after an inspection, will establish if this is possible for your windscreen. During the repair process, a vacuuming device will be used to suction all the glass shards inside the cracks or chips. A composite resin will then be introduced into the damaged areas. This resin will quickly harden and bond the glass back together. The technician will then polish the glass.

Windscreen replacement

If the windscreen damage is substantial (larger than a few centimetres) the only solution is to replace the entire frame. This is done by prying the glass from the frame using specialised tools and then lifting it up using suction handles. Once removed, the windscreen is replaced with another OEM screen.

To avoid having to replace your windscreen glass, seek repairs to small cracks and chips as soon as they occur.

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