3 Gifts For The Coffee Lover

Coffee lovers are a picky crowd but these 3 must-have gift ideas are sure to please even the most finicky brew lover on your list…

I Love You a Latte

Latte cups in many different varieties make a great gift for coffee lovers. Think outside the box and try flavors off the beaten path but be sure to mix them with the basics that they will turn to time and time again to get the day started right.

Look At That Mug

Sharpie mugs are a fun way to provide your recipient with a gift they will actually use that has a lot of personal meaning. You can find the easy DIY instructions online but the main jist of it is this… you color on a message, bake an oven-safe mug in the oven, let it cool and then give it away.

A Novel Idea

Books and coffee go hand in hand. Give the coffee lover something to enjoy while they sip their brew by buying them a classic novel or new favorite to read over breakfast.

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