3 Items To Build The Perfect At Home Burlesque Outfit

Love the idea of bringing burlesque home but not quite stage ready? Women around the world have celebrated the art of burlesque without ever leaving home. Whether they enjoy it in the bedroom or as a fun workout, burlesque from the comfort of home can be just as liberating as the stage.

If you are looking to grow your burlesque wardrobe, here are three can’t miss staples that will make you feel like a pro:

Pleaser Boots, if heels feel a little unbalancing for you, boots can help you feel more stabilized while dancing. T-strap heels are another great way to feel more steady.


Every great burlesque act has layers and pasties are the last hooray. Best of all, they are incredibly affordable.

Vintage Inspired Lingerie

From custom made looks to do-it-yourself styles, 1930-1950 inspired lingerie always please the audience… and the mirror.

As you embark upon your burlesque journey, you will add to your wardrobe more and more. Starting with the staples will help make it feel less daunting and more like a treasure hunt.

Happy shimmying!