3 Options Of Color Contacts For Brown Eyes

Choosing color contacts for brown eyes can be difficult. Three main color types work well with brown eyes: blue, green, and hazel. Blue color contacts look great on people who have light skin tones or dark hair. Green color contacts suit a wide range of eye colors, but they don’t always flatter those who wear glasses as the color may clash with frames in lighter shades such as gold or silver. Hazel color contact lenses give your eyes an extra pop and provide contrast to make them stand out even more than usual!

1) Blue color contact lenses will complement light skin tones best but also look good on darker skin tones because they won’t wash you out as white-colored eye makeup would
2) Green color contact lenses look good on a wider range of people because they aren’t as harsh in contrast with lighter-colored glasses such as gold or silver.
3) People with brown eyes have a wide color range to choose from when it comes to color contacts for their eye color. However, they need to be careful about wearing light colors that may wash them out. Brown-eyed individuals should instead stick with darker color options like blue or green, giving your natural iris color a nice boost.

Color contacts are purely cosmetic, so you don’t need a prescription to buy them. They’re not considered medical devices by the FDA – which saves you money because doctor visits aren’t required.