3 Tips To Financing Your Church Building

If you are in the church building process, financing can be one of your biggest challenges. Churches often have to pay for their church buildings in cash because they don’t want to go through the hassle and risk of taking out a loan. This article will provide 3 tips that could make church building financing easier for you!

The first tip is to ensure that church members are willing to contribute. This can be done by communicating with church board members, other church staff, and church congregants to make sure they understand the need for a new church building. If there is not enough support from church members, you will have trouble getting them on board to help finance your project.

The second tip is to set up an official church building committee. This is a group of church members who are responsible for gathering funds and writing the proposal to be sent off to lenders. Since church buildings can take years before they’re completed, it’s important that one single person or small team isn’t responsible for this task alone because there will be turnover throughout the process, which would cause a delay in the church building project.

The third tip is to make sure you’re creating an action plan. In other words, you need to have a deadline for each step of your church building project. Your lender will want to know that the church is making steady progress towards its goal, and having deadlines ensures there’s momentum moving forward.

In conclusion, if you follow these three tips when financing your church buildings, you’re going to find yourself at a great advantage when it comes to church building financing.