3 Ways To Study Mandarin

Mandarin is the most widely-spoken language in the world today. Fortunately, there are many ways to master this language. Read on to learn how to study Madarin.

Language apps

Language apps are a great way to build a basic foundation that you can use to communicate right away. There are numerous language apps that help you master survival Mandarin, pronunciation, characters and even writing, all for free!

Speak to Locals

Practicing your language skills by speaking with locals is a great way to speak as the locals do. Putting your lessons into actual practice is a good way to retain new words and hear how they are used in everyday life.

Hire a Tutor

For some serious language learning, work with a tutor. A tutor is ideal if you want a structured and professional way to learn the language, especially if you are planning on taking a language proficiency exam in the future.

Mandarin is a rich and beautiful language that you can learn on your own or with a tutor. Try these methods out and see how your language skills improve over time.