4 Perfect Christmas Gifts For The Elementary Baseball Player

Have an elementary baseball player in your life? Try one of these 4 gifts ideas for a very merry Christmas…

1. A Day at the Batting Cages

Sometimes the best thing that you can give children, especially athletes is time. Schedule a day at the batting cages and give them all your time and attention.

2. A New Glove

While some kids have a glove that they would never replace, it never hurts to wear a new one in. They may find that it is even better than the one they adore the most.

3. A Training Day

From pros to just local experts, many agencies offer training days where they help to coach young players and give them an edge. If you have something like this in your area, your young baseball player might just love it.

4. A Personalized Jersey

They probably already have their own team jerseys but making one yourself could be great for around the house. You could even use a nickname in place of their last name and use the number “01” to convey that to you they really ARE number one!

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