A Brief Intro To Colored Contacts

Colored contacts help change or enrich your eyes’ natural color. These could be used for reasons of beauty, fun, or could be corrective lenses. However, a corrective prescription isn’t required for wearing color contacts.

The part of the eye containing pigment is called iris. At their center, colored contact lenses are clear so that the pupil is revealed. The outer ring riding on the iris, on the other hand, is tinted. In certain lenses, they are hand-painted. These lenses comprise varied colors and subtle detail that reconstruct depth in the iris, providing a natural appearance to the eyes.

Not all colored contacts are the same. The primary difference is in their looks. Compared to solid-tinted contacts, natural looking lenses are more expensive, thanks to the varied color lenses with intricate patterns. These less expensive colors, however, look unnatural due to their striking hues.