A Brief Intro To Recruitment Marketing

With talent management going digital, the lines demarcating marketing and recruitment are getting increasingly blurred by the day. With social media’s rise, the workforce demographics’ shift and easy data access have changed how candidates look at or interpret employment prospects.

Candidates can now access different platforms that provide insights into a company’s culture, the benefits provided, and potential compensation information. Social media platforms have opened up fresh communication channels that help shape prospective employers’ candidate perceptions. Undoubtedly, talent acquisition leaders and recruiters must take the cue and think like modern marketers.

Recruitment marketing applies modern marketing principles, which includes analytics, omni-channel communication, technology-enabled automation, and hyper-targeted messaging to entice, engage, and develop passive talent. They do so by reinforcing employer value proposition or employer brand. In short, recruitment marketing views the entire journey of a candidate holistically like how marketing professionals approach their buyer journey.