A Hockey Uniform Requires Lots Of Pads

Hockey uniforms consists of a number of different parts. There is clearly protective armor and body pads that cover the majority of the player along with a helmet. The helmet actually has two parts to it that are both vitally important. The helmet has both a face guard and throat protection; vital to the protection of the goalie’s life and safety.

The body armor needed to protect a hockey player includes a variety of protective pads. There are pads that protect the core body; along with pads that protect the legs, shins, arms, and elbows. Pelvic protection is also key for both male and female players. And the ice skates must be sharpened before every game to ensure maximum control.

When preparing a team for a game it is the job of the coaches and managers to ensure all players have the proper gear. Every player must have the properly padded pants, pelvic protection, vest, and shoulder pads. The uniform and helmet are the last pieces of equipment a player darns before entering the hockey arena.