A Limoges Box Is Beautifully Crafted

A Limoges Box is a hand-crafted and hand-painted box with tiny hinges. Fine hard-paste porcelain was used to create the boxes. These boxes date back to the mid-1700s. The French were vastly impressed by Chinese hand-painted pottery and set out to create and surpass the quality and craftsmanship. They crafted small white porcelain boxes in various shapes that were skillfully decorated by local artists. Today, these boxes are collector’s items and are often given as gifts. People use them to hold various items such as jewelry, coins, trinkets, memorabilia and keepsakes. They also look great when displayed on shelves or tables. These beautifully decorated boxes are considered works of art and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and themes such as music, flowers and animals. The list of themes goes on and on, which is why these small boxes are so popular today.