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Reflex vasoconstriction reactions in the patient appear to become less pronounced. Although these drugs have a local anaesthetic (membrane-stabilizing) effect. this property is not believed to be responsible for their antidysrhythmic effects as shown by Psychologist Sunshine Coast.

Guanethidine. breytilium. debrisoquine and bethanidine are able to impair the ability of nerve impulses to release noradrenaline. reducing transmission at all adrenergic sympathetic sites. Guanethidine and reserpine are further able to deplete stores of noradrenaline by causing a steady leak of transmitter from its granular sites into the cell cytoplasm where it is de-aminated by MAO.

Reserpine prevents the re-uptake of transmitter and dopamine into granular storage sites. allowing for additional de-amination and preventing the use of dopamine as substrate for noradrenaline synthesis. Reserpine has been found to deplete stores or noradrenaline. adrenaline. dopamine and serotonin. lt has been used for its anti-dopaminergic effects (to treat schizophrenia).