ABCs Of Storm Drain Management

In these cases the procedure of the vibrocompressed gravel columns may be applicable. The system is also suitable for the improvement of coarse or fine or artificial landfills. The inert comes out at the tip of the tool: the ground remains sideways at all times and the column is continuous along its entire length. The re-flow of soils, even bad ones, is excluded inside the hole. The infixion takes place in a single continuous phase. The use of mast and battery slide-guide prevents deviations from the vertical. No water is used, therefore no mud or softening occurs.

Concrete vibrated compacted gravel columns (CGVC). Storm Drain Management equipment and executive aspects: These foundational elements are executed with the same dry technology, pneumatic winding vibro, as for the CGV. The cementation of the element takes place simultaneously with the installation of the gravel: either by injecting the cement mixture into the vibro.