About New Business Setup Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is not that difficult. The city is one of the most popular business destinations globally and home to numerous corporate headquarters and corporate registration companies. It has all the required legal requirements for carrying trade between other countries, and so if you are setting up a new company, it can benefit both you and your business partners based outside the UAE Emirates.

For New Business Setup Dubai, the formalities regarding the ownership of the commercial property and other issues such as the ownership of the property, the licensing procedure, taxes, etc., between you and the concerned authorities in the respective country are all settled by the laws of the Freezone. You have to follow no special procedures for applying for a license to operate a business in the Freezone. All you need to do is prove that you hold a permanent resident visa (green card) issued by the UAE or the other countries and that you are a financially active citizen of the UAE. Your passport can provide this proof. After you have provided this and other relevant information to the concerned authorities in the concerned countries, you will receive your license. You will automatically start doing business in the designated areas.