Acupuncture Services In Chatham, NY

If you’re looking for Acupuncture in Chatham NY, then you’ve already taken a big step toward living pain-free. Rather than relying on potentially addictive opioid pain relievers, area acupuncturists use traditional Chinese healing methods to treat the underlying condition. While pain relievers are tolerated fairly well by most patients, they essentially serve as masking agents and only ever hide the problem that a person is suffering from.

As a result, most patients find that they need to either up their dosage or simply deal with a condition that gets progressively worse. Acupuncture works differently. It emphasizes increased blood flow to diseased tissue in order to heal it. Most patients feel at least some relief after only a single session with many reporting that continued use of acupuncture is able to alleviate almost all of their inflammation without any major side effects.

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