ADHD Test For Adults

Should I go for and ADHD test for adults?

Even though it is not that common for adults to develop ADHD, there are many people who do present with symptoms later in life, rather than when they are kids.

If you find that you are having any major problems with any of the categories below, you might want to be evaluated for ADHD.

Career or job – Are you quitting or losing jobs regularly?

School or work – Are you not performing to your potential?

Daily activities and tasks – Are you finding it difficult to do the household chores,
organize things, pay bills, etc?

Relationships – Do you find yourself getting irritated over silly things, having problems finishing tasks, or are you forgetting important things?

Your emotions – Do you notice that you are worrying and stressing about pretty much everything of late?

Any yes answer may mean that you should be tested.