Advantages Of Using Reclaimed Barn Wood

Wood reclaimed from old barns has a unique look and texture and can provide a stylish feature in a new construction or renovation project. Reclaimed barn wood can be used in a multitude of ways including: hardwood floors, wall panelling, decks, tables, counter-tops, shelves, cabinets and any other project that you can think of that involves wood.

When you use reclaimed wood you are doing the environment a favour since it decreases the demand for freshly cut timber and helps prevent deforestation. In many cases it is also stronger than freshly sourced timber and can be up to 40 points harder on the Janka scale (which measures hardness) because it is often sourced from older trees than those used today. The aged and weathered look of this type of wood can’t be replicated and has a unique look that will provide a talking point in your home.