Advantages Of Using Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

The choice to use soft close hinges in your kitchen cabinet is a fantastic one. Other than the fact that it is becoming very popular for modern kitchens, this type of hinge also has several benefits. These benefits include:

Less Stress on the Cabinet

Soft-close cabinet hinges put less stress on the screws and cabinet itself. This means that your cabinet door will serve you for a longer period.

Keeps Contents Intact

The contents of cabinets tend to get disorganized when the doors or drawers are banged during closure. With too much force, the door or drawer itself, together with fragile items inside the cabinet can even be damaged. Soft hinges are designed to minimize the force of the impact, therefore, preventing damage and breakage.

Kid Safe

Soft hinges slow down the pace at which cabinet doors and drawers close, therefore, reducing the risk of injury.