All Zoho Books Payroll Features

It is important for all employers to pay their employees on time. You must pay your staff the promised salary. Veering away from the set standards and contracts can result in legal and other problems. Employees will be dissatisfied and can file claims for not getting paid as promised. Zoho Books Payroll solves this problem to a great extent. Once you have submitted the required details in this program, it can generate the payslips on time and without any errors. Many processes of bookkeeping and payroll management will be handled automatically.

This simple software makes it easy to calculate salaries, taxes, deductions and other financial transactions. It can send payslips and handle other related activities. The payroll feature combines with the Zoho Books which means your accounting and payroll will always be in sync. You do not have to use any other program or increase the workload of your accountant. Use this accounting, bookkeeping and payroll management application program to comply with payroll laws.