Angel Dear Blanket Options

When a new baby is born, you want to give the child a special gift that may even become a favorite lovie as she grows and ages. Angel dear blankies are the perfect option.

baby35015These blankets are soft squares of fabric that come in many different colors and styles. Any baby will love the soft to the touch fabric. The blankets also feature different animals at the top, which can draw a child in and keep them for many nights and naps.

When looking through the blanket options, think about the color you want. If the baby is a boy, blue always works, but there are other choices as well. There are always pink options for girls, but there are also white and even patterned blankets for both genders.

There are a number of different animals from which to choose as well. There are standard bears and lambs and then there are different animals like monkeys, hippos, elephants and more. Think about the child’s parents and what they like and then perhaps go with a similar theme for the child.